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In This Climate

Apr 26, 2022

How are Hoosier forests shifting, and what can we do to ensure our cities maintain healthy canopies? In this episode, Jim talks with Burney Fischer, former state forester and co-lead of the Bloomington Urban Forestry Research Group, about the dynamics of urban forestry.

Apr 20, 2022

In this show, taped live at Hopscotch Coffee, we talk with Jane Martin, Anagha Gore, and Amy Thompson about the work of ERI and how we can coordinate to improve our relationships with each other and our environment.

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Apr 18, 2022

Bridging spiritual ecology with urban forestry, we find themes of emergence and the voice of Kyle Lemle. In this episode, he tells us about fasting in the desert as a teenager, turning guns into shovels, supporting community forestry in Bhutan, and training people of many faiths to know and build collective power....

Apr 7, 2022

Here in Indiana, we talk often about wind and solar, but what could renewable marine energy development mean for people from the Hoosier State to small remote island?

Andrea Copping, a scientist with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Marine Sciences Laboratory, helps us understand the science, collaborations,...

Apr 6, 2022

Host Gabe Filippelli talks with Paul Harvey about his book and project Plasticology, microplastics in the environment, and how we can deal with our legacy of plastics pollution—which, like most things, is a climate problem.