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In This Climate

Sep 29, 2020

In this week's Air Check, we talk about the (former) acting director of the Bureau of Land Management who served unlawfully for 424 days, the scientist running for Senate in Wyoming, and International Coffee Day.


Judge removes Trump’s public lands boss, William Perry Pendley, after governor sued

Meet the...

Sep 25, 2020

We’ve talked a lot about the ways we incarcerate people and subject them to environmentally unsafe conditions. We’ve told stories and shared statistics and legal arguments. We’ll do some of that in this episode, too.

But the reason we reached out to Mei Azaad with the Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons, and the...

Sep 23, 2020

In our first Air Check (a short, weekly conversation on current events), we talk through the environmental implications of a changing supreme court, how long Bloomington has been without significant rain, and other weather events with climate change signatures.

Sep 18, 2020

This episode, we're taking a deeper look at environmental injustices in an around prisons. How are they sited, what do they emit, and what does all of this mean for people locked inside?

We start with the history of the St. Louis and Central Michigan correctional facilities with Dr. Elizabeth Bradshaw, move...

Sep 3, 2020

This summer, people in United States and beyond took to the streets to demand racial justice. One of the loudest calls was to defund and abolish the police, but not just the police. Abolitionists have long worked to dismantle the broader U.S. carceral state, which imprisons more people than any other...