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In This Climate

Jun 6, 2022

The 2017 and 2024 solar eclipse paths cross over Carbondale, Illinois, a college town in a largely rural region with the highest poverty rate in the state. For some here, in the midst of intensifying climate change and ongoing environmental racism, this moment between eclipses is an opportunity to focus on building dynamic resilience and nurturing community care networks. One element of this resilience is food autonomy, which hinges on a group of community gardens and chicken coops affiliated with Carbondale Spring.


In this episode, we explore the plants, critters, and distribution channels involved in Carbondale Spring's Food Autonomy initiative.


Partisan Gardens:


Chicken Tenders (documentary about Carbondale Spring’s chicken coop project):


The Brownfield Between Us (documentary telling the environmental justice story of the tie yard plant in Carbondale Illinois, and its impact on the health and land of local black families):