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In This Climate

Jan 26, 2021

What does a fossil fuel boom town feel like for those living in it? And what's possible once the coal's burned and the wells are dry? In this episode, Rock Springs-raised J.J. Anselmi shares what he's seen and heard in collecting oral histories of the Wyoming boom town.

J.J.'s piece in The New Republic:

Jan 19, 2021

Our big question for the series is, why do we extract and burn natural gas? To answer this question, we’re addressing smaller questions around the physical science of hydraulic fracturing/emissions/health effects, ownership of and responsibility for assets, and conflicts (hyperlocal and international) around natural...

Jan 13, 2021

Just checking in and looking forward to 2021.

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Jan 8, 2021

Kristina Marusic, who covers environmental health and justice issues in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania for Environmental Health News, helps us understand how fracking and natural gas affect community health and how one community has responded.

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