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In This Climate

Sep 17, 2021

In this conversation with researcher, meteorologist, and science communicator Dr. Marshall Shepherd, we cover a lot of ground, connecting inequities in academia to environmental injustices associated with infrastructure and intensifying storms.

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Sep 9, 2021

Did you know that a Koch-funded university think tank actually justified inaction on climate change by arguing that smog serves as a skin-cancer-reducing sunblock?

In this co-produced episode, the UnKoch My Campus team tells the story of working alongside students at George Washington University to push their...

Sep 3, 2021

Hurricane Ida knocked the main New Orleans transmission tower into the Mississippi River, spurring a long-term power outage. Since then, persistent heavy rains have flooded New York subway stations and cascaded to reveal countless vulnerabilities in our critical infrastructure systems.

To explain these vulnerabilities...

Sep 3, 2021

In a splendid blend of art and science, Monika Mondal pulls together sound, perspectives, and quantitative data to explain how changing monsoon patterns and economic pressures are shaping agriculture in Muzaffarnagar, known for its sugar farms and mills in the sugar bowl of India, Uttar Pradesh.

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Aug 27, 2021

Season 3 of In This Climate is right around the corner! In anticipation, we're sharing one of our favorite interviews from spring 2021. It's a wide-ranging conversation with person-of-many-hats adrienne maree brown. We discuss connection with place, love, just transition, and more.